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Please call any time if you are in need of advice in handling an estate. I am happy to visit your home or other location to review all relevant documents and to offer you advice as to how to proceed.

Why You Need a Will.

Having a Last Will and Testament will assure that, at the time of your death, your financial holding and other assets will pass to the beneficiaries which you select. Usually, a Last Will and Testament does name contingent beneficiaries in the event the one or more of the primary beneficiaries are not living at your death.

Another advantage of having a Last Will and Testament is that you can nominate the person whom you wish to serve as executor of your estate. If the person who is the primary nominee is unable to serve as executor, a contingent nominee is usually named in the Last Will and Testament.

Do You need a Will?

The cost of having me prepare a Last Will and Testament is insignificant compared to the expense involved if you were to die intestate, thereby causing litigation among your sons and daughters, other relatives, and possibly other acquaintances over their respective shares of your estate.

Life Insurance

  • Life insurance, and possibly other assets of yours, will pass outside of probate.


  • I will make sure that all inheritance tax and income tax returns are properly prepared and that the full amounts of taxes are paid on time.

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