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Successful Furniture Retail Business at the Location of the former Karen's Furniture, Etc.

1224 Seventh Avenue

Beaver Falls, PA 15010


Price includes real estate, office equipment, delivery truck, goodwill.

Price does not include inventory or accounts receivable.

Contact owner at [724] 462-5467.

FOR DETAILS CALL [724] 462-5467

UPDATE JANUARY 16, 2015: Karen is negotiating with a party who may be interested in purchasing the building to establish a retail furniture business like the one which she successfully operated for over twelve years at the 1224 Seventh Avenue, Beaver Falls location. It is hoped that such a sale will be successful and that a quality furniture store will continue to operate at the location.

Two floors, 22,000 sq. feet. Main floor is along Seventh Avenue. Basement level has loading dock door facing the back alley.

Here are photos of some of the inventory of Karen's Furniture, Etc., from 2013 to 2014.